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Smart Phones

iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 7 Plus


32GB, Unlocked for all carriers.



Ryzen 7 3700 x CPU

MSI rx580 4gb VRAM GPU

AMD Wraith RGB CPU cooler

3 RGB fans

600 watt EVGA Gold PSU

MSI motherboard

Custom Cable Management

16 GB Teamgroup gaming RAM 3600 MHZ

2TB Western Digital 7200rpm HDD

256 GB Western Digital SSD

Windows 10 Pro

Intel Core i-5 6400U@2.40Ghz CPU

8GB ddr3@1652Mhz RAM

500GB HHD@5400rpm



Windows 10 Home

Intel Core i-5 5200U@2.20Ghz CPU

6GB ddr3@1652Mhz RAM

1TB HHD@5400rmp


Windows 10 Home

Intel Core i-5 5200U@2.4Ghz CPU

8GB ddr3@1652Mhz RAM

1TB HHD@5400rpm

 chargers and cords

Compatible with iPad 1/2/3

Type-C 87W

85W Type-L

60W Type-T